What is pure fruit juice?


We all know that it’s much better to drink 100 percent pure fruit juice, and because of this, the beverage which is called 100 percent pure is popular among the customers. But some experts think that it’s not very pure for the fruit juice which they are called 100 percent themselves, but just the reconstituted juice mixed by concentrated juice and purified water.

The journalists discover that there are various fruit in the big supermarkets, and most of them labeled 100 percent juice, pure fruit juice and pure flesh on the packaging with bold words.

But this juice is real pure? Reporters found that there has the sign of concentrated juice or purified water of some fruits on the burden sheet. According to the expert of food security, this juice actually should be called reconstituted juice, but not the juice which totally get by pressing the fruits. Now there is some difference about the concept of pure juice between standard definition from the government and the enterprise. The enterprise thinks that 100 percent pure juice means there is no additive and is diluted by concentrated juice and purified water. While for the ordinary people and government, pure fruit juice is crushed by the fruits, then through the procedures of sterilization, packaging without adding other things. Therefore, the fruit juice produced by enterprise should be called recovery juice. 
pure juice

Experts also show that now in our country there isn’t the exact standard and definition of pure fruit juice, so the enterprise just produces fruit juice by the self-discipline, and now the competition about fruit juice industry is so intense, so inevitably there will appear some factories to produce false or shoddy fruit juice, therefore, suggest the country to issue the corresponding standard as soon as possible. But here I must say that AGICO is professional manufacturer of fruit juice. We have have complete fruit juice processing line to produce all kinds of fruits, such as orange juice processing line, mango juice processing line, pineapple juice processing line, pomegranate juice processing line, grape juice processing line and so on and we have advanced machines like fruit washing machine, extracting machine, sorting machine . 

How to choose fruit juice?

Experts recommend the five-step method to choose fruit juice sold on the market.

  • The first step: search the concentration. There is the label of concentration on the bottle, try to select the fruit juice with high concentration.
  • The second step: check the place of origin. Generally speaking, the taste of juice made by the origin fruits is much better than others, and as a matter of course there will be added little additive.
  • The third step: pay attention to the precipitate. Normal precipitate is because the manufacturer keep the fruits fibrin which is good for the health. So the fruit juice with precipitate is more suitable than the juice without precipitate. But we should pay attention to the expiration date, remember not to drink the degenerative juice with flocculation due to the near expiration date or improper transportation.
  • The fourth step: check if the fruit juice is rich nature. We know in the supermarket, there is some juice with bright color and good permeability, but others with low transparency, even a little dim. It’s normal for the just produced juice to look bright, but if for a very long time, the color is also gorgeous, that maybe because it added color fixative and corrosion remover, so be cautious when drinking.
  • The fifth step: pay attention to the ingredients, suggest to purchase the fruit juice with few ingredients. The less additives, the better the nutrients in the juice. 
pure fruit juice
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