Fruit and vegetable deep processing added value


Fruits and vegetables can be eaten fresh, and can be further processed, using advanced sorting machines, dryers, etc. to make products. However, are there any value in the processing of fruits and vegetables or the scraps produced by fresh food, such as peels, cores, pomace and other waste? At present, the pulp enhances its value through advanced technology, and can it increase the value of waste or defective products or by-products, thereby improving the comprehensive utilization rate of fruits and vegetables?

As we all know, China is a country with a large output of fruits and vegetables in the world. Although the comprehensive utilization rate of fruits and vegetables is not high, the processing ratio does not exceed 30%, but the by-products and wastes of fruit and vegetable processing have exceeded 100 million tons, and the production of fruit skin, slag, seeds, shells and cores has exceeded 30 million tons. And vegetable skin, slag, leaves, roots, stems, etc., more than 20 million tons, how to make full use of these fruits and vegetables by-products and waste, turn it into a waste, save resources, reduce production energy consumption, improve fruits and vegetables Comprehensive utilization is of great significance. 

Sorting machine and dryer to increase the added value of fruits and vegetables

We know that fruits and vegetables with good appearance, flawless quality are mostly used for sale or through deep processing to produce juice, pasta, cakes and other products, and the added value has been greatly improved. However, whether it is direct sales of fruits and vegetables or deep processing, it is necessary to sort fruits and vegetables and classify them according to appearance, weight, size, sweetness and quality to meet different consumer needs in order to better realize their attachment value.

With the improvement of consumers' product quality requirements and the rising cost of labor, machine vision sorting has gradually replaced manual work. In general, the sorting of fresh fruit is mostly carried out by a sorting machine, which can complete the automatic elimination of individual defects of fruits and vegetables, mainly based on the difference in overall size, appearance color, shape, local defects, etc. Level selection and sorting and collection, to some extent solve the problems of mixed and mixed sales in the market, and improve the value of fruit commodities and industrial economic benefits.

Of course, some fruits and vegetables are further processed, and dried fruits and vegetables are produced. Compared with fresh fruit sales, the added value has been further improved. At present, the fruit and vegetable dryers on the market mostly adopt energy heat pump technology, which has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, no pollution, low energy consumption, intelligent control of temperature and humidity, and can preserve fruits and vegetables very well during the drying process. The nutrition, color and taste of the product not only meet the requirements of the quality of the dried fruits and vegetables, but also meet the requirements of the state for energy conservation and environmental protection.

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