Three trends of food and beverage packaging equipment


In recent years, China's food and beverage industry economy has shown a good development trend, and the corresponding packaging equipment has also made a breakthrough development. According to statistics, the average annual growth rate of food and beverage machinery and equipment in China is about 15%. In 2013, The total industrial output value of food and beverage equipment and packaging machinery in China is 295 billion yuan, an increase of 15.3636 yuan over the same period last year, which is higher than the overall level of the national machinery industry. So far, the operating situation of the industry has been stable, and the growth rate of major economic indicators has increased somewhat. Basically continued in 2013 moderate good momentum.
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In the next few years, China's food and beverage packaging machinery industry will have several development trends:

From "winning by Price" to "winning by Science and Technology"

China's demographic dividend has reached an inflection point, and workers on pipeline are slowly being replaced by automated production lines. Achieving high efficiency through high technology is the general trend of future enterprise development.

At present, many manufacturers of packaging machinery are trying to upgrade their products, but many are only improving on the basis of the original equipment. It can be said that there is no innovation, no development, and no application of high-end technology in the next few years. The R & D and manufacture of food and beverage packaging equipment should gradually move from "Reducing cost, obtaining customers by price advantage" to "Upgrading technology and gaining market by quality advantage." in other words, science and technology will become the core competitiveness of enterprise competition.

Energy saving and environmental protection will become the main theme of food and beverage packaging

On the one hand, China faces a heavy environmental burden, and green environmental protection is the mainstream value in China today, on the other hand, the existing phenomenon of excessive packaging is serious and is being eliminated by the market. According to statistics, more than half of the United States has said that they are more inclined to buy products with sustainable packaging, and even 42% Americans are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. Based on this, it is not difficult to see that energy conservation and environmental protection will become the "main theme" of food and beverage packaging in the future.
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In the future, food and beverage packaging equipment should reasonably solve the problem of waste discharge and sewage treatment during food and beverage packaging, promote clean production and comprehensive utilization of the food industry, save energy and reduce emissions, reduce costs, and reduce environmental pollution. Take the road of sustainable development.

Multifunction and market segmentation

The continuous segmentation of food and beverage market brings more market opportunities for packaging machinery manufacturers, but also makes them face new challenges.

"More diversified products require more differentiated packaging" which is an inevitable trend in the market. The development of upstream equipment also needs to meet their differentiated needs. But at the same time, because of the increase in the production scale and product category of food and beverage enterprises, the market space of multifunctional packaging machine will also be on the rise. In the next few years, food and beverage packaging machinery will present the market status of multi-function and market segmentation.

For some small and medium-sized food and beverage enterprises with a single product, they need to realize different functions of a single product at the same time, such as electromechanical integration, production packaging integration, processing and testing integration, etc. For some production scale, businesses with a large range of products are in urgent need of multifunctional packaging equipment, buy a high-performance packaging device that best meets the packaging needs of a variety of products, for example, I told the same machine to produce tea drinks. coffee drinks, soy milk drinks, juice drinks and other similar products packaging, can be filled, can also be filled glass bottles and polyester bottles and so on.
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