Juice market research: China's pure fruit juice consumption remains insufficient


China’s per capital juice consumption fall far behind the world’s level, and people’s concept of pure fruit juice remains inaccurate. According to a recent juice market research—China’s juice consumption survey, more than 30% consumers are aware that pure fruit juice is helpful in vitamin and microelements supplement, but only 35% of them drink it. 73% customers barely understand the difference between 100% fruit juice and juice beverage. Experts pointed out that drinking pure fruit juice to supplement nutrition should be a common sense.

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China’s consumption of pure fruit juice is insufficient

This is China’s first professional juice consumption survey, carried out by CCTV CTR, a professional research agency. This juice market research is sponsored by Huiyuan Group and receives support from China beverage industry association and College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University. It covers consumers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other 3 major cities in China.

At present, China’s consumption of pure fruit juice remains rather low, with annual per capital consumption lower than 1 liter, one tenth the quantity of the world, and one forties that of developed counties. The main reasons are people haven’t form the habit of drinking fruit juice, and they are void of knowledge of pure fruit juice.

Drinking pure fruit juice to supplement vitamin should become a common sense

It is well acknowledged that many Chinese customers haven’t developed the habit of drinking fruit juice. Pure fruit juice is particularly a luxury for many people. In western countries, drinking 100% fruit juice is an important way to supplement vitamin, mineral substance and microelements. It is reported by this survey that over 70% consumers are aware of the importance of juice nutrition, but only 30% of them choose pure fruit drinks. Shanghai among the 6 surveyed cities shows the highest recognition for drinking pure fruit juice, followed by Guangzhou and Beijing.

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Professor Luo Yunbo, the president of College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, point out that deficiency or imbalance of vitamin and mineral substance will affect the absorption and metabolism of other nutrition, thus causing many diseases. “ It should become a common sense that milk supplement calcium, and pure fruit juice provide vitamins. “

How to distinguish 100% fruit juice and juice beverage

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Domestic customers are unfamiliar with healthy fruit drinks, and remains many mistakes in juice consumption. As the report shows, 73% of consumers scarcely know the difference between 100% fruit juice and juice beverage.

As insiders introduce, there are 3 kinds of fruit juice sold on the market—pure fruit juice, juice beverage and fruit flavored drink. Pure fruit juice is made of 100% fruit juice. They are processed by advanced juice processing machinery like cold-aseptic filling machine. Pure fruit juice retains the color, flavor and soluble matter of the fruits, while juice beverage has the juice content from 10% to 99%, added with sugar liquor and acid agent.

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Some female customers express their worry of obesity on interview. For this regard, Cai Muyi, the standing director of China beverage industry association, deems the sugar content in pure fruit juice comes from the fruits, so moderate intake dose not lead to obesity. In addition, 100% fruit juice contains much more nutrition than fruit beverage.

Experts advocate a cup of pure fruit drink in the morning

Based on the report, more than 54% people are used to drinking pure fruit juice after dinner. However, expert recommend to drink during breakfast or in the morning. A cup of fruit juice in the morning can help whet appetite, supplement water, and clear the stomach. If you drink pure fruit juice between breakfast and lunch, you can take in juice nutrition better, such as inorganic salt, microelements, vitamin C, carotene and various antioxidants. In my view, with the increase  of people’s awareness of pure fruit juice, China’s fruit juice industry will realize better development.

Drink pure fruit juice in the morning
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