Why is juice much cheaper than the price of fruits?


We know that juice is made from fruits, but in the market, there is a very ridiculous phenomenon, that is a bottle of juice price is much cheaper than that of the fruits, do you know why? There are some aspects can explain this. 

  • First, from the appearance, when you want to buy some fruits in the market, the fruits must be aesthetically attractive, such as no bug or bird bites, no bruises, attractive looks and colors, uniform and so on. But relatively, for juice, it is in the bottle after processing by the fruit juice machinery, so appearances make no difference. For example, an apple falls from the apple tree to the ground, it may bruise, so finally, it will not be sold in the market, and the other good ones will be sold, obviously, the price will be higher. And at the juicing machine, it doesn’t matter if the fruit is bruised or not because it is going to get much harsher treatment when it is processed with the fruit juice machinery. This is one of the reasons for the price variance. 
fruit in the supermarket
  • Seasonality is another reason. We can get fruit juice in the supermarket or shop or retail department at any time of all the year, fruit juice machinery processes fruits into juice, then pasteurizing, freezing, concentrating, and otherwise processing the juice. This makes it possible to be used for a long time, without considering the season. But the fruits are sold in markets are sold in season, or imported from the places they are in season, which adds the expense. 
  • You maybe buy fruit in bulk if you want to make them into juice. Thus you needn’t care the appearance of the fruits, you can go cheap and buy bruised and lower-quality fruits, because at the end we get fruit juice, so this is a very reason that juice is much cheaper than the price of fruit. 
  • For fruits, one of the major costs is transport and storage. So only fresh fruits are sold, of course the price is high. They are hard to transport and store compared with the fruit juice, which can last a long time.
  • You must account for the retail related factors. For fruit juice in an industrially sealed, sanitary, container is much cheaper to handle than individual pieces fresh fruits. Other factors like transportation, storage, and all the way to handling at the retail store are quite cheaper for juice containers than actual pieces of fruits. For some fruits, they even need special lighting conditions to stay fresh and make sure them look beautiful. 
fruit juice price
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