issues about maintenance and operation of fruit juice machinery

As we all know, most of the machinery should be operated and maintained correctly, but it is different to deal with different machinery, it is no exception for fruit juice machinery, there are many things we should do to guarantee the safety use of fruit juice machinery.

Things should consider about fruit juice machinery

  • The most important thing about fruit juice machinery we should consider is the sanitation. Sanitation is very crucial for everyone as long as we refer to things which have relations to food. So when we choose or operate fruit juice machinery, sanitation must be put into consideration, not only the raw materials, but also the working environments.
  • When operating the fruit juice machinery, we absolutely should take notice of the service behavior. If we ignore the situation, we can’t really guarantee the use in the future.
fruit juice machinery operation
The lifetime of fruit juice machinery depends on how to maintain it correctly. If there is often something wrong with the fruit juice machinery, it is bound to have some damages. So in order to prolong the lifespan of the fruit juice machinery, the maintenance of fruit juice machinery at regular time is especially important and necessary.
  • First, as long as purchasing any fruit juice machinery, you should check all the machine and different kinds of parts, especially in the breaking-in period, it is easy to have problems in the aspects of fastening and lubricating, etc.
  • Second, maintain the fruit juice machinery when the season change is pretty crucial. We all know, when fruits are in the mature period, the use of fruit juice machinery is frequent, but other times, fruit juice machinery leaves unused because of the lack of raw materials, so when the season changes, you must maintain and clean the fruit juice machinery timely and thoroughly.
  • Third, add certain lubricating oil to the machinery regularly to ensure machines will run flexibly and continuous and reduce the workload.
  • Fourth, check all the connected parts every week, to guarantee if they are loose or there are some other mistakes to avoid affecting the continuous processing.
  • Fifth, our fruit juice machinery has its production capacity, please don’t produce overload, can’t exceed the production capacity with our machine can withstand, which can prolong the lifetime and slower the wear of the machine.
fruit juice processing line

AGICO fruit juice machinery warranty

Above we know the general matters need attention, and in our company, we have our own service and guarantee about the fruit juice machinery.
  • We offer 24 months warrantee after checking the equipment. During this time, we will supply spare parts and efficient service for free.
  • If there is something wrong with our machinery, our maintenance personnel will go to the customer site to help the clients solve the problem within 48hours.
  • After the warrantee, AGICO also offers after-sale service of the the technical assistance, spare and accessory supply, etc.
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