How to identify pure fruit juice quality?


Classification of beverage

Maybe for some people, they are confused that how to classify beverage, there are so many different types of beverage, mainly juice drink, concentrated reductive juice, fresh juice, non-concentrated reductive juice are common. How to identify them and how to find the pure fruit juice. Let’s talk about together.

Juice drink, there also has the fruit concentrate in it, but the content of juice is no less than 10 percent, there are many kinds of juice drink, gas and gas free, with or without whole milk powder. In order to increase nutrition and improve the flavour, there will also have some food additives. But compared to the fruity drinks, the juice content is much higher, some fruity drink even doesn’t have any fruit juice ingredient. 

Concentrated reductive juice, refers to the beverage which add concentration into juice and volatilize the equal water. Generally speaking, the taste of concentrated reductive juice and fresh juice is a bit same. If the difference is far away, the "concentrated juice" that may be used to restore is a fake artificial juice, something that is mainly made of syrups, acidants, and flavorings.
kinds of fruit juice

Fresh juice. This is produced by fruit juice machinery, through washing, extracting, sometimes, there also needs distillation, filtration and other steps, water and sugar are necessary most of the time. But without water and sugar is the best juice, which directly produced by fruit juice machinery and has the best flavour. 

Non-concentrated reduced juice, also known as NFC juice, is rare on the market. Non-concentrated reduced fruit juice is processed in low-temperature environment by pasteurization after extracting fruit juice. No enrichment and water recovery, no water, no sugar, no food additives. Non-concentrated reduced fruit juice is healthier and more nutritious and tastes like fruit than concentrated reduced juice and juice drinks. 

How to identify fruit juice quality?

  • It is easy to have stratification for fresh juice if keep it for a long time. Fresh fruit juice has a natural fruity aroma, while the blending fruit is too intense, there will be a large number of pulp, and easy to lay layers for a period of time, blending juice is clear, bright color, there will not appear stratification phenomenon generally. If the drink is too sweet, maybe it is blended because the fresh juice sweet taste is light.
  • Look at the bubble, if the bubble persist for a long time, the juice is freshly squeezed, otherwise, the juice maybe blended if the bubble disappear fast.
  • Smell: the blended fruit juice has a thick aroma, while the real fresh juice has only a faint fruit aroma.
  • Tasting notes: fresh fruit juice tastes mild, not particularly sweet, but slightly sour or bitter, and the fruit juice is often sweet.
  • Texture: the blending juice looks clear and bright, while Fresh Juice looks very thick with crushed pulp.
fresh fruit juice
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