Issues about choosing fruit washing machine


With the improvement of our living conditions, and the development of our science, people begin to pay more attention to the health of everything, especially the food and fruit juice. So before making fruit juice, the first step, washing fruits, becomes more and more important, corresponding, the fruit and vegetable washing machine seems much significant. It is the first machine during the process of fruit juice processing line. So it plays a crucial role during the process. Therefore, when we begin our fruit juice processing line, it’s quite vital to choose the suitable fruit and vegetable washing machine. Here are some pertinent suggestions about choosing fruit washing machine.
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  • Choose the fruit washing machine which can meet your requirement. According to your production capacity, to make sure the model of your fruit washing machine.
  • Choose the fruit washing machine which can avoid the secondary pollution. The function of fruit washing machine is to clean the raw materials, if there is the secondary pollution, the fruit washing machine cannot fulfill its mission. So mostly pay attention to this point.
  • The most important but not unique factor is to choose the high quality fruit washing machine. This originally shouldn’t be referred, but I just want to stress it due to the importance. About this point, you can believe in AGICO fruit washing machine, we have wonderful factories, welcome everybody to visit at any time. The fruit washing machine must can satisfy you.
  • Put the environmental protection effect into consideration, we know that fruit washing machine is used to wash fruits or vegetables, there is much water, please choose the fruit washing machine which can obviously reduce the destroy to environment by its waste water and other exhaust gas.
  • The fruit washing machine you choose must has high working efficiency, which can reduce the workload of labors to make sure the safety and physical health of the workers.
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These are just some personal opinions, we can have a discussion about choosing fruit washing machine. Welcome you all come to my company to have a look, and we are happy to build business with customers from all over the world.

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