We wish you all a happy new year!


Dear customers:

Traditional Chinese lunar new year is coming, we will have a seven days holiday from Feb. 15 to Feb.21. During these days, we will stay at home with our family.Our spring festival legend goes that there once was a ferocious beast called Nian. It has a big mouth that would swallow people with one bite. It usually hided in the sea, only to climb up on the shore on New Year’s Eve. People were afraid of him. Later, people got to know that Nian feared nothing but red flames and the sound of the burning firecrackers. Therefore, people put up reds paper on the door and set off firecrackers, successfully scaring the beast Nian away.  

Years pass by, the legend of Nian is still an interesting legend, but the custom of putting up red couplets and setting of firecrackers on spring festival has passed down up to now. The color and the sound add excitement and good luck to the coming New Year. During the holiday, Chinese people will always have a family get-together and enjoy the happiness of the festival.

According to the legend, there are twelve animals represent each year, this year is dog. Happy new year to everyone. Like our products, please send email to us, we will reply you asap. 
Happy new year

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