Fruit juice machinery technology reaches a new level


Through the unremitting hard work of all our staff, and continuously research of fruit juice machinery technology, we have achieved great improvement and perfection on the whole aspects of fruit juice processing, especially the grape grain screening line and fruit juice production line. Since the first time we exported our litchi production line to India in 2014, and attracted intense attention from foreign customers, we have signed a lot of export orders. 
customers visit fruit extractor machine

In March 2017, we served our customers from Brazil. They visited our orange juice processing line and give highly praise to us, they think our line is the most suitable equipment to pretreat the fruits. What’s more, the famous manufacturer of red wine, French CAZAUX company also sent represents to our company. The two sides held a long discussion on wine equipment technology and business, and reached a number of cooperation agreements. CAZAUX has made a very high evaluation of our company's grape grain screening line. It is believed that the cooperation of both sides will promote the progress and development of Chinese red wine processing equipment.
grape extractor machine

We research many different fruit juice production line, can process various fruits like apple, orange, pineapple, grape, and so on. And we mainly do the pretreatment part. Generally contains washing, sorting, extracting, and the next steps are mainly including blending, concentrating, sterilizing and filling and packing. Now introduce the pretreatment simply. 

  • Washing, this is one of the most important steps of fruit juice processing. You must clean the fruits with fruit washing machine to keep it is safe after processing into juice. 
  • Sorting, this procedure can according to your needs to choose if it is necessary. Because sometimes you can do this before washing, this needs manual. With the help of sorting machine, select the bad ones. 
  • Extracting, this is the most important and core  step. We all know that make fruits into fruit juice rely on the fruit extractor machine, it is extremely significant.
Brazil customers buy orange juice processing line

So, we have great improvement in the fruit juice processing line, and we believe that we will be better if we work hard, and our customers will be satisfied with our products, remember, we offer all kinds of fruit juice processing line. Welcome to visit our company, we are here waiting for you.

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