Current market situation and development tendency of fruit juice machinery


When in summer or some holidays, the demand of fruit juice probably rises. In this situation, beverage enterprise will enhance the production capacity. So which fruit juice the customers prefer to? Face to this tendency, enterprise should add which new fruit juice machinery? Let’s talk about this phenomenon in China together.
The development of fruit juice industry promotes the improvement of GDP as well as the living condition. We have the confidence that the market of fruit juice machinery will be developed quickly in the situation that diversified demand for fruit juice.
There is more and higher demand for fruit juice machinery due to the constant breakdown of fruit juice market. Fruit juice machinery is such equipment that can process various fruits into fruit juice. Generally there are many machines to make up the production line to process various fruits. such as fruit washing machine, spiral juice extractor, fruit peeling and squeezing machine, fruit pulping machine, juice homogenizer, vacuum degasser, sterilizing kettle and bag filling machine etc.

Current situation of beverages market

  • In the beverage industry, there is a steady increase in the growth of health categories, rather than the poor health categories. With the improvement of living condition and consumption level, our customers pay more attention to the health. So as for beverages, people prefer to choose such beverage which is good to health, such as drinking water, fruit and vegetables juice, protein drink, herbal tea, sports drink and so on, rather than the carbonate beverages. So we should adjust the products to what people likes to steady the market.
  • It is booming of the healthy drinks. The emergence of rock sugar snow pear and herbal tea leads the tendency of keeping healthy. So many enterprises begin to work hard in the new development direction. For example, in china, enterprises relation to the beverages industry begin to exploit honey pomelo tea and loquat moisten lung tea. And some other enterprises who didn’t specialize in beverages industry, mainly the pharmaceutical enterprise, such as Tai ji Group,  Saint pharmaceutical and etc. join to the ranks of making some healthy beverages, with the advantages of raw materials, research and development. But after all it’s different from each other, so pharmaceutical enterprises should consider the challenges.
  • The market pattern of most categories in beverages industry has been determined. It’s hard to involve in it, such as the packing of drinking water, Master Kong, NongFu Spring, Wahaha and Huarun Group almost occupy 70 percent. for the fruit juice industry, Master Kong, Tongyi, Huiyuan and coca cola occupy more than 60 percent. And for sporting beverages, Red Bull is an even the biggest one. So newcomer rather than initiating new products than the old ones.

Three tendency of fruit juice machinery in China

The higher the yield, the better

This can reduce the investment of produces itself to meet the date of delivery. For example, packing machine of fruit juice need connect with the former working procedure, but not moving. That is to say, all the machines of producing fruit juice connect together to compose a fruit juice production line.

Updating of fruit juice machinery must be flexible

Take packing machine for fruit juice as example, it needs much higher flexibility and elasticity, the production line promise the size of wrappage can be changed within the standard scope. That’s because the life cycle of the commercial is much shorter than the service life of the fruit juice machinery.

Should have more functions

We know fruit juice machinery is mainly used to produce fruit juice, it must contain all kinds of fruits, even the vegetables, can let the customers feel relax when choosing such fruit juice machinery. What’s more, the lifespan of all machines must long, and if there is something wrong with one of the machines, it should be easy to repair.
All in all, the enterprises of fruit juice machinery must catch up with the fashionable fruit juice currently, to adjust the produce mix and research and develop new products timely. Get a clear understanding of the tendency of fruit juice machinery and make the new competitive strategy to adapt the market freely.

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