4 categories of fruit juice drinks

Nowadays, drinking fruit juice is a convenient way to supply nutrition. How to choose high quality fruit drinks has become an inevitable question. As insiders introduce, fruit drinks sold on market cover 4 major categories: fresh fruit juice, concentrated fruit juice, fruit juice beverage and juice powder. Different qualities arise from different fruit materials and production technology. 

Fresh fruit juice

Among the 4 categories, fresh fruit juice remains most of the original content, thus offering the highest nutritional value. It is non-concentrated juice extracted by fruit juice machinery. In terms of production technology, juice processed by non-thermal treatment or pasteurization can be categorized into fresh fruit juice. Like the apple and citrus juice we frequently drink.
fresh fruit juice

Concentrated fruit juice

Concentrated fruit juice need to be diluted by water before drinking. Just as fresh fruit juice, it is extracted from fresh fruits by juice making machine. But it requires extra step to remove certain quantity of water. You need add the same quantity of water before drinking. 
concentrated juice

Fruit juice beverage

Fruit juice beverage is the most common products sold on the market, as well as the juice most frequently drunk by us. It is composed of water, fresh or concentrated juice, accessorial materials and food additives, which are compounded in certain proportion.
fruit juice beverage

Juice powder

Juice powder is made by dehydrating concentrated juice. It looks granulated after dehydration and drying processing, with water content between 1% to 3%. Juice powder is the most convenient fruit drink to carry and transport. Just like drinking concentrated juice, it also need adding water to dissolute. 
juice powder

High quality fruit juice depends on production technology

Generally speaking, there are 7 steps for fresh fruit to become drinkable juice: fruit sorting, pre-processing, pulping, filtration, homogenization, sterilization and packaging. 
High quality fruit juice comes from fine fruit. Qualified fruit materials should be fresh, whose color, fragrance, acidity accord with certain standards. The color is bright and keep stable in processing. The fragrance is rich and won’t volatile after processing. Fruit with the sugar content between 10% to 16% is the first choice.
high quality fruits
In the second place, storage technology is the key to high quality fruit juice. Owing to the product features, fruit juice is venerable to metamorphosis. And tea polyphenols enzyme contained in fruit juice can spoil the color. Storage aims to inhabit the enzyme activity so as to preserve the color, flavor, fragrance, and retain nutrition like sugar, organic acid, vitamin and pectin as much as possible. Usually, soluble content, volatile substance and flavor are preserved better at the temperature of -2℃, while vitamin C is better stored at the temperature of -20℃.
Fridge storage
At last, packaging technology makes great difference. Today’s beverage package market is dominated by such materials as glass bottle, aluminum can, PET bottle and composite paper. Glass bottle sealed by cap is effective in separating juice from outside air, which is suitable for permanent conservation. And glass bottle has an advantage in its resistance to corrosion caused by juice acid. When packaging non-preservative fresh fruit juice, we usually adopt pasteurization for sterilization. 
glass bottle fruit juice
In a word, high quality juice are made from qualified fruits, processed by pasteurization, and adopts package of high stability and tight sealing. Of course, producing such kind of fruit juice cost more. You can save your money by choosing cost-effective pre-processing equipments. AGICO provide high quality fruit pre-processing machinery from fruit sorting machine to fruit pulping and filtration machines. Our price is competitive and service is thoughtful. We are pleased to customize fruit processing machines according to your demand.
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