Opinions about eating fruits and juicing them

With the development of social and improvement of science and technology, the living condition for people is changing, simultaneously, the lift-style is gradually changing. Modern people, especially the young people, due to the busy work, quick pace of life, they always haven’t enough time to regulate the dietary, for example, they eat fewer fruits not only the quantity but also the species everyday. In contrast, drinking fruit juice is more and more popular for fashion young man.
But accompanying, there are so many questions, for instance, does fruit juice have the same nutrition as fruits? Or is it better to drink fruit juice than eating fruits? And so on.
Through the ages, there have been the big debate about the question: which is healthier, eating fruits or juicing them? I believe that maybe now you are confused about this question. Nonetheless, up till now, there haven’t any definite answers about this question. But generally, there are three main points about this question. Here let’s look at together.

Approve of eating fruits is better

According to the survey, nearly 60 percent people hold this view, they think eating fruits has the more nutrition than juicing them, all in all or in conclusion, their reasons are like the following: 
  • When eating fruits, you are eating full fruit without throwing its skin, fiber, little bit of actual fruit that can absorb the whole nutrition of the fruits, especially the fiber, which is absolutely proved the most important for our health. 
  • Eating fruits sometimes can absorb the nutrition of the skin, which is one of the places where the fruit interacts with sunlight and can form variety of colored pigments which are well researched as nutrients to protect our health and nourishment. Some fruits skins like grapes have been studied have the ability of providing protection from ultraviolet light and helping lower risk of cancer. 
  • Because fruits are solid state, people need to bite piece and piece, so the speed of gastric emptying is slower than drinking juice. Thus eating fruits can more easily feel full.
  • Fruit juice will have less fiber compared to eating them as whole. While Fruit juice has more glucose which can cause the high glycemic index. By eating the fruit, the fibers obtained in fruit absorbs the glucose by keeping its low glycemic index and doesn’t elevate our blood glucose level.
eating fruit

Drinking fruit juice is better than eating fruit

Compared to the point that eating fruits is better, there are also some people think that juicing them is better for the below reasons:
  • First and also very vital is that juicing fruits is very convenient, for instance, when eating one apple, a person can drink two or three cups of apple juice, which can save much time for the hectic life. 
  • Some people appreciate the good intentions of juicing and believe that fruit juicing is a healthy thing to do as a cleanse and can relieve your digestive system. 
  • If you didn’t add sugar, salt or some annexing agent, juicing is ok, it is better as you can consume more fruits than eating fruits in that manner. 
  • For the kids and old people, drink juice is better than eating fruits, so homemade juice is as healthy as eating fruits with no preservatives, additives, and other sugars.
drinking fruit juice

Both are healthy for eating fruits or juicing them

From the above, we can discover that there is always not the precise opinion about eating fruits or juicing them, which is more healthier, so in my opinion, I think that both are healthy, just according to your real situation, and the research indicates that most of people hold this point.
  • Eating fruits and juicing them both are good for health. You can eat fresh fruits after meals and drink a glass of juice before sleep, juice tastes the same as the fruits.
  • The juice without additive and saccharose has the same nutritive value as the fruits, if there isn’t enough time to eat fruits, a glass of juice is not a bad choice. 
  • For the old people whose teeth have been lost and who has the disease of indigestive, and some young people who have the cancer, gastrointestinal disease, and have digestive dysfunction of stomach and intestine, eating fruits and juicing them both can lessen the stimulate of their gastrointestinal tract. What’s more, can increase the diversity of diet. 
  • Some scientists declare that one fruit equals 2/3 glasses of fresh juice, which also shows us that both fruit and juice can be included in a healthy diet. 
fruit and fruit juice
In a word, there is no clear boundary between eating fruits and juicing them, both are rather important for our health, according to your habit and appetite to choose the most proper way to absorb nutrition. But for some factories or enterprises, AGICO will offer the reliable fruit juice processing machinery with reasonable price and high quality!
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