Is it right to drink fruit juice and milk together?


Many times, we get the discuss about can we drink fruit juice and milk together? There are so many people don’t have the exact answer about this question, we all know they are both nutritive and common in our life, sometimes, people want to drink both of them, or mix them together, but don’t know if it is good for our health, here I just give you my own opinion for you to refer. 

We all know that there are abundant vitamin A and B2 and calcium in the milk, and it tastes mellow and fragrant. While for fruit juice, it is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber. Both are the common nutritious food in life. But the rumor about them never stop, for some “expert” who believe in the interaction effect of food, they think that fruit juice and milk is incompatible for each other. Because there are vitamin C and tartaric acid in the fruit juice, once meet the protein in the milk, it will be concretionary and will produce some gelatinous mass that is difficult to digest and absorb. So after drinking such drink, it is easy to have some symptoms such as abdominal distension,abdominal pain and diarrhea, which are the reasons they think can’t mix fruit juice and milk together, even in one hour after drinking milk can’t have fruit juice. 
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At the very beginning, it seems to make sense, but if we think it over, it is full of loopholes. In response to this phenomenon, experts explain like this, the sediment isn’t equal to indigestion, we needn’t to worry about this. Because the sediment isn’t made by mixing fruit juice and milk together, but because the casein of milk can make sediment when in the acidic condition. In fact, the protein changes to varying degrees in acidity, alkalinity, high temperature, metal ion and protease, and precipitates also occur. For example, if you drop  a few drops of vinegar on the milk, it also can have sediment. Moderate denaturation can make food digest better. After denaturation, the space structure has changed and can help to digest. We drink milk and fruit juice together is actually digesting the protein in advance. If we believe this opinion, some food with high protein like chicken, fish, meat and egg etc can’t be eaten, it is obviously not the fact. 

As to the symptoms like abdominal distension, abdominal pain and diarrhea, may be because of the individual difference, some people can’t receive so many sugars. This can be deemed as the disadvantage of drinking fruit juice and milk together, that is if we drink fruit juice and milk together, maybe we absorb more sugar, which is bad to keep fit and prevent decayed tooth, especially for little baby.  

As stated, we can drink fruit juice and milk together, or after drinking milk then to eat fruits and then exchange, both are OK. But if you are used to drink fruit juice or milk only, just continue. You can choose according to your like, here is just telling you the truth that it doesn’t matter to drink them together.
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