Canned fruit, new way to eat fruit


We all know that fruits are very nutritive, many people like to eat fruits directly, but occasionally, we can change our taste, to attempt some special and fresh way to eat fruits, maybe we can attempt the canned fruit. It seems like that popping open a can of peaches or pineapples or others is a quick way to reach more fruit in your diet. 

Canned fruit is just called by a joint name according to different fruits, generally the raw materials are various fresh fruits such as yellow peaches, apples, litchis, strawberries, hawthorn, oranges and etc. Simultaneously, there combined the drinking water, white granulated sugar, corrosion remover and so on. By the process of filling, exhaust, sealing, heating sterilization, cooling etc, then to prolong the expiration date of fruit. As long as you pay attention to what is in the can exactly, canned fruit can be a healthy option for you.
canned fruits

Why canned fruit can be stored for a long time?

As is well-known to everyone, fresh fruit will be withered if live through very long time, but canned fruit can realize the long-term storage. Want to know the reason for canned fruit can store long time, must know how happened for food spoilage first, that is because microorganism will breed and multiply in the food, they continuously resolve the nutrient which leads to the change of food ingredients, thus the food goes bad. There are three ways work together to prevent the food spoilage.
  • Sterilization. No matter food or canned fruit needs sterilization to wipe out bacteria as well as the brood cell of bacteria. After this procedure, the bacteria will not breed again. But what we should know is that wipe out all the bacteria is hardly possible, what we can do is the fundamental sterilization. Canned fruit can be stored long time just thanks to the sterilization. 
  • Hermetic sealing. The dust and other particles in the air also contain abundant of bacteria and the brood cell, just like the seeds of trees, they are ballooning in the wind, so hermetic sealing can guarantee the long-term storage of canned fruit. That’s also why we know about the canned fruit is always vacuum seal.
  • Corrosion remover. There is corrosion remover in all the canned fruit, that is because bacteria can quickly breed as long as the adapt circumstance. Even only one bacteria, can rapidly change into so many because of the fission. While corrosion remover can effectively against the exist of bacteria, to the extent that a small number of bacteria can’t be survive.
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Is canned fruit good or bad compared with fresh fruit?

Merit of canned fruit

We know fruits are important to everybody, but can canned fruits reach the same effect? According to research of USDA’s Dietary Guidelines, each day, adults should eat at least two servings of fruit, if not more, canned fruit can absolutely be as healthy as the fresh counterpart. And for fresh fruit, it will be destroyed after storing a long time, and the season can also affect the taste of fresh fruit, but there is nothing to lose by eating canned fruit. Even canned fruit may be a better source of certain nutrients. Apart from these, there are some other merits of canned fruit, just like: you can eat canned fruit anytime or anyplace because of the convenience. The price of canned fruit is low, especially when some suitable fruits are out of season and have to be come into market from far away places. Canned fruit also have long shelf-life, generally of 1 to 1.5 years, even much longer. 

Demerit of canned fruit

Most people agree that the flavor of fresh fruit is unmatched compared with the caned fruit. That’s why if possible, people prefer to eat fresh fruit. In order to enhance flavor and to maintain texture to some extend, there may add sodium and sugar to some canned fruit. That’s not very good for our health. What’s more, eat much more canned fruit can increase the risk of botulism. There are also some corrosion removers and additives contained in canned fruit, which is dangerous to our body.
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How to choose suitable canned fruit?

  • If the external packing is expand or the bottle cap is embossing or the bottle is broken, such canned fruit can’t be purchased, because maybe the canned fruit has been generated chemical changes which is not suitable to eat.
  • Pay attention to if there is scratch or rust in the appearance of canned fruit. If the can body has scratch, the microorganism can easily enter into the can which makes the canned fruit spoilage.
  • Is the seal of canned fruit tight? Does the juice flow out of the can? These also should be put into consideration. Take the canned fruit in your hand and shake it gently, if there is some juice flow out, it means the seal is not very tight, thus the fruits in the can also can’t be eaten. 
  • Notice the additive. Some canned fruit will mark the certain additive. As long as the additive conforms to the stipulation, we can enjoy the canned fruit reassuring. The additive just can maintain the nutritive value of canned fruit and the exterior, is not harmful to the health.
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