The correct way of drinking fruit juice


There are many different kinds of fruit juice in the supermarket; sometimes it’s not easy for the people who have difficult in choosing quickly to select the suitable fruit juice. Of course, the top level drink is the fruit juice, which is not only nutritive but also has good flavor. While there are so many different brands and types, how we can choose the suitable one? Now let’s dietitian tell us the methods to identify fruit juice and help us to get the proper conceptions of choosing fruit juice.

100 percent fruit juice is more nutritive than others
According to the dietitian, this viewpoint is almost right. To identify if the fruit juice is nutritive or not, first we should do is to check the purity, then to check the variety of fruits, last we also need to know the pulp content of the fruit juice. For example, the fruit juice comes from the same fruits is different in nutrition due to the content of purity.Blended fruit juice has higher nutrition. We know that one kind fruit has its own nutrition; so many fruits blend together will have more nutrition. Such as in China, there is a very familiar saying that in the industry of Nongfu Spring is “we have three kinds of fruits in our fruit juice”. This is a kind blend fruit juice. The fruit juice with more pulp has higher nutrition because that pulp cellulose is good for our health.  

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Does fruit juice in the supermarket is quality guarantee?  

Generally speaking, some people think that fruit juice in the supermarket has the quality guarantee, so it’s no problem to choose any. But on the basis of expert opinion, it is totally wrong. There are different requirements for the enterprise in the production scale and quality. So when choose fruit juice in the supermarket, you should keep your eyes wide open.
To choose fruit juice, safe is the first and very important. We should ask for nutrition when it is safe, then to pursue the higher level, which is the taste. In general, there are three simply methods for customers to choose fruit juice. One is to notice the brand, product of famous and big company usually has quality assurance. The other method is to look at the label, check if there contains corrosion remover, artificial color and sugar, if not commonly is the brand which is pay attention to the natural quality. The last method is to compare the color and luster, fragrance and taste. The better the quality, the more natural the color and aroma is, the more intense the taste, while the flavor and aroma of the juice, which is made from essence and sugar, can be very pungent.
Consider the problem of pesticide residue
Some people think that when eating fruits directly, the pesticide residue problem must be put into consideration, while drinking fruit juice it’s not necessary. This point is wrong. After all we know fruit juice is processed by fruits, so it’s necessary to consider the safe and health. From the label of fruit juice we can know if there is corrosion remover, but for pesticide residue, it’s not easy to identify just by our naked eyes. So we should choose the high quality fruit juice brand to make sure the safety.

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How to choose fruit juice?

First, determine if the fruit juice is the same as the name on the label. At the same time, pay attention to if the packaging is leaking or expanding. For the bottled or canned juice, there shouldn’t have the sugar cure or some other feculence. And it shouldn’t be deformed when held between the fingers for the soft packaging juice.
Second, observe the appearance of the juice. For the transparent juice without flesh must be clear and transparent, without any floating objects and sediment. While the juice without flesh and non-transparent should uniformity and not hierarchical. For the flesh-type juice, irregular fine flesh is available, the precipitation is allowed too.

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