List and benefits of citrus fruits

Generally speaking, citrus fruits are quite common fruits cultivated in most of the tropical and subtropical areas in the world. And many people know what citrus fruits are, but it is confused that there are various of different kinds of citrus fruits and many times people can’t distinguish them clearly, so let’s look at the list of citrus fruits together. Here are the quite important and common citrus fruits which can provide health benefits for us.


There are different kinds of oranges. Because of the content of Vitamin C and abundant fiber and natural sugars, makes oranges are famous known and a good source for quick energy. Apart from Vitamin C, fiber and natural sugars, oranges are rich in various of antioxidants which can defend the health far from cancers. What’s more, the orange essential oil also has huge advantages for our body. But first, we should have an orange essential oil extract machine to extract essential oil, this can be realized only have the machine, know more about this, please look at here.

Lemons and limes

These two citrus fruits are not often eaten directly, usually, they are processed into juice, or just cut into segments to put into the boiled water. And the ingredients of limonin and limonene can help to prevent the block cellular changes which can far away from cancers. Another aspect, lemon is used to lose weight with the reason that it is a digestive aid and cleanses the liver. The common contains of citric acid, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, pectin and bioflavonoid are famous to boost the immune system.


The name is because that it grows in clusters like grapes, and many people don’t like grapefruits very much due to the sour and bitter taste. Grapefruits are high in enzymes, vitamin B, lycopene, magnesium, iron, folic acids, calcium and potassium etc. which can decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease. A lot of pectin in grapefruits can lower cholesterol, and grapefruits also can help to lose weight.


The pomelo is very large among the citrus fruits. And the ingredients of pomelo are pretty abundant, such as vitamin A, B1, B2 and C, proteins, fiber, healthy fats, potassium, antioxidants bioflavonoid and enzymes. Which can aid digestion, promote dental health and cardiac, boost the immune system.
Apart from the above citrus fruits, there are also some other citrus fruits, just as the following list.
Names Image
Bitter orange
Seville orange
Sour orange
Bigarade orange  
bitter orange
Citron citron
Bergamot orange bergamot orange
Blood orange blood orange
Buddha’s Hand buddha's hand
Kumquat kumquat
Citrus fruits are liked all over the world because of the features of zesty, juicy and delicious, but the most important reason is that citrus fruits’ outstanding benefits. Such common and popular citrus fruits are usually be pressed into juice to guarantee we are strong and have healthy body. If you have abundant of citrus fruits, you can think about pressing them into juice with professional fruit juice processing machine. AGICO is such a manufacturer and supplier of innovational fruit juice machinery,  welcome to have contact with us.
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