Issues must pay attention to the juice production process


Today, fresh fruit drinks are becoming more and more popular all over the world. There are some juice makers appearing. The development of fruit juice processing technology has become a continuing topic. So in the juice production process should pay attention to what?

Raw material selection

Choosing medium mature and high sweetness of fresh fruit may be complicated work. For juice machines, the use of reliable suppliers of concentrated fruit juices or jam to produce fruit juices is a more convenient way to ensure quality at the same time. If you use fresh fruit to produce fruit juice, you must pay attention to its maturity. Immature or ripe fruit is not suitable. 80% to 90% of ripe fruit has the sweetest taste. Therefore, choosing the right maturity and variety is the first question.
fruit processing line

To prevent excessive ethephon

Many fruit juice makers use mango jam to produce mango juice. Because most mangoes are ripe with the help of ethephon, there are usually a lot of ethephon. Excessive ethephon is harmful to people's health. Ozone tracking is a way to solve this problem. Remove the head and tail from mango and immerse it in a reaction tank containing ozone. These ozone can neutralize ethephon and eliminate the bacteria in mango. This means that the ethephon in mango juice can be reduced to meet national standards.

High pressure homogenization is important 

High pressure homogenization can not only improve the taste of fruit juice, prevent deposition, but also can further refine the fruit in a variety of ester flavor particles. Homogeneous fruit flavors are more aromatic. There is no doubt that some insiders believe that the competitiveness of the juice industry is homogeneous technology. The homogenization of the mediocre juice is more delicate and sweet.
fruit sorting machine

To prevent pesticide residues in the fruit

Remove the use of pesticide in the fruit. If yes, you can take the following steps to remove the remaining pesticide: immerse the concentrated 0.2% to 0.5% dilute hydrochloric acid in water, place it on a brush fruit washing machine and rinse it with tap water.

Add vitamin C to compensate for the loss 

Crushing, colloid grinding, homogenization, heating procedures may lead to vitamin C loss in fruit juice. Appropriate vitamin C additives protect the juice from oxidation and nutrient loss.

To prevent overheating in the juice production process

Almost all of the juice will lose nutrition under high temperature heating. The Japanese government has banned heating sterilized fruit juice processing and implementation of non-hot pasteurization to prevent nutrient loss and fruit juice improvement. It is said that this policy has no effect. In fact, the juice is immediately heated to a certain temperature, suddenly cooled to normal normal, will not damage the nutrition and flavor. This is the effect of aseptic filling. During processing, the juice is heated to 88 to 90 ° C and cooled to about 12 ° C after 40 to 50 seconds. The total procedure is less than 1 minute. The filling procedure is carried out under aseptic conditions. This method competes with the non-thermal pasteurization in the juice flavor and nutrition to achieve the same level of sterility.

Add odor to enhance flavor 

Natural aromas in fresh juices are easily volatile during manufacture and storage and must therefore be provided by essential oils or other odors. Add the same flavor as the juice of the essence of better. Be careful of the number of manufacturers recommended half of the number is possible. For fruit such as mango, pineapple and guava, you can add some passion fruit juice called "fruit MSG (MSG)". Juice added 2% to 4% of passion fruit of passion fruit after homogenization.

Control acidity and pH 

The acidity of your final product is between 0.4% and 0.6% and the pH is between 3.7 and 3.9. This not only improves the flavor and taste, but also promotes the full play of the pasteurization process. In general, manufacturers use citric acid and malic acid together to achieve the best results.

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