Issues about Fruit washing machine

As we all know,  if you want to work on the industry of fruit juice processing line, the pretreatment equipments are quite important, among these equipments, fruit washing machine is especially necessary, but how much do you know about fruit washing machine?  Do you know the differences between fruit bubble washing machine and fruit brush and spray cleaning machine? Let’s look at these together. 

Fruit bubble washing machine

fruit bubble washing machine
Just as its name implied, fruit bubble washing machine is the ideal equipment and is mainly used to wash fruits, especially the round-shaped fruits, such as apples, oranges, mangoes, pineapples, pears, cherries, etc.  The main components are a water tank, upender, blower, roller, spray water tube, hopper, etc.

The working principle of fruit bubble washing machine

Fruit bubble washing machine is equipped with bubble generation device, which can generate high pressure water and bubbles to scatter, and make the raw materials to roll continuous in order to wipe off the pesticide residue. Simultaneously, there can be added into moderate medicament to disinfect and fixation. Finally, the floating sundries can overflow into the tank at the bottom and collected then taken away, and the precipitate can be expel from the drain outlet. 
AGICO fruit bubble washing machine

Fruit bubble washing machine features

  • It is proved by many years use that fruit bubble washing machine can wash fruits continuously and water-saving rate is high up to 70 percent.
  • All the equipments are made of top quality 304 stainless steel which gets the standards of food sanitation. 
  • Easy to operate and high efficiency,  Save water and make less damage to fruits. 
  • Longer service lifespan and convenient maintenance. 

Fruit  brush cleaning machine

AGICO fruit brush washing machine
The same to fruit bubble washing machine, fruit brush and spray cleaning machine is also a kind of washing machine which is used to clean various fruits, especially for the round fruits.  Apart from cleaning fruits with water, the most important equipment in the fruit brush cleaning machine is the brush, which can clean out the impurities and pesticide residues on the fruits. Compared to fruit bubble washing machine, fruit brush cleaning machine can make fruits more clean and thoroughly clean the stain out of the surface of the fruits. 

Fruit brush cleaning machine configuration

The machine configuration is a little different from fruit bubble washing machine, the main components are rack, shield, water pump, water tank, brush, transmission shaft and etc.  

Features of fruit brush cleaning machine

  • The most obvious point is the use of high-speed rolling brush,  which offers the perfect cleaning effect and make the fruits more clean 
  • The automatic operation makes the machine more energy saving and easy to carry out 
  • Fruit brush cleaning machine can be customized according to customers’ requirements.
fruit brush cleaning machine


No matter fruit bubble washing machine or fruit brush cleaning machine, they are all tools for cleaning fruits. AGICO has both fruit bubble washing machine and fruit brush cleaning machine, you can wash fruits with one  kind of washing machine or both of them.  And all the fruit juice processing line is available. So if you have requirements like this, please no hesitate to contact us, we are sincerely to service you with our top quality and reasonable price products! 
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