five steps to choose superior quality fruit juice


Recently, more and more fruit juice is emergent, there full of various fruit juice in eyes, not only the alcoholic beverage, but also non-alcoholic beverage such as pure fruit juice, carbonate beverage, etc. here let’s talk about how to choose superior quality fruit juice, mainly refers to non-alcoholic beverage.

First step: pay attention to the concentration

Nearly all the fruit juice will indicate the clear concentration on the surface of the bottle. Nowadays, there are approximately four kinds of fruit juice with different concentration, namely: 10%、30%、50% and 100%. Take fruit juice of 380ml with 10% concentration as example, the content of original juice is only 10%, it means only 38ml, while other ingredients are water and food additives, so the value as fruit juice can be imaginable. In some countries with mature technology in fruit juice industry, original juice with only 10% concentration even can’t be called fruit juice. Only the concentration up to more than 30% can use the name of fruit juice. So somebody is kidding that people is drinking water with sweetening agent not fruit juice. So the higher concentration the fruit juice, the more nutrition it is.

how to choose fruit juice

Second step: pay attention to the place of origin

Here, the place of origin refers to the place where cultivates various fruits. As the saying goes, if the orange was born in Huainan, it is orange, but was born in Huaibei was trifoliate orange. With the fruits which are cultivated in the good places make into juice is absolutely better than the normal one. The taste is good, as a matter of course, there won’t too much food additives.
If the raw materials of fruit juice comes from the very good places of origin, the manufacturers generally are willing to show this on the bottle, for example, a Chinese brand, Farmer orchard, will indicate that their orange is from Brazil. So when you choose fruit juice, pay attention to the place of origin of the raw materials.

Third step: observe if there is sediment

If there is sediment, it can prove that during the processing, the manufacturers keep the cellulose of the fruits, which is good for our health. So it’s better to drink fruit juice with sediment than there is no sediment. That’s why many times, we should shake the bottle before drinking fruit juice.

Fourth step: observe the fineness and color

Some fruit juice looks lovertiful in colors, and has good permeability, while some of which is not transparent, look up mellow, and even a little bleak. This is the good fruit juice on the contrary. At the very beginning, the fruit juice has a bright color is normal, but after a long time still placed brightly colored fruit juice is not the good one.
We all know when we cut the fresh apple into two parts, there will have a layer of rust on the surface, this is because fruits are easy to oxidation, for a long time, the color of course will change. The same to fruit juice, when store for long, the color will be mellow, and will not so bright. Or else, there maybe add the color fixative and corrosion remover. So suggest you to choose fruit juice according to the color cautiously. Those looks a little dim is good fruit juice!

Last step: pay attention to the ingredients

Generally, the ingredients will be marked on the juice bottle. When choose fruit juice, look at this ingredient carefully, the common harmful or disputable ingredients contain: corrosion remover, color fixative and so-and-so sodium etc.

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