Five matters need attention about drinking fruit juice


With the development of society and improvement of economy, more and more people like to process fruits and vegetables into juice, which is not only convenient but also save time. But what can not be ignored is that the fruit and vegetable juice processed by fruit juice machinery may easily destroyed the nutrient. 

Even the fruit juice which is drunk immediately has destroyed a part of nutrition. For example, vitamin C can’t meet various oxidase, or they may be interwork. But when making fruit juice, the high speed blade will break all the cells. Thus all the things may mix into together. So when drinking fruit juice, the best way is to absorb all the juice, even the disintegrating slag.

Hence, we need know the way to keep the nutrition of fruit juice. Here, let’s know about seven matters need attention about drinking fresh fruit juice.
fresh fruit juice

Don’t throw the bubble away

When we use fruit juice machinery to make fruit juice, there is a layer of thick bubble on the juice. Generally, we may throw it away because it is insipidness, even it looks not very beautiful. But according the medical research, the bubble is rich in enzymes, which is good for our health, for example, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, blood cleaning and boost immunity etc. But simultaneously, the enzymes can be volatilized easily, so drink the fruit juice as soon as possible can keep the activity of the enzymes. 

Don’t throw away the stratum spongiosum

This refers to the citrus fruits specially. We know that when peel off the skin of the citrus fruits, there is a layer of white stratum spingiosum, which is rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoid, and these ingredients are quite good for our health.

Don’t fill the fruit juice in an aluminum vessel

With the improvement of awareness for preserving our health, we all know that once we absorb aluminium, it is different to eliminate, which is harmful for our cranial nerve cells. Aluminium in our body can make people slow in reacting and deteriorate the memory. While the citric acid and tartaric acid can promote the absorb of aluminum. Hence, remember not to fill the fruit juice in an aluminum vessel.
drink fruit juice

Distinguish the fresh fruit juice and canned fruit

Fresh fruit juice processed by fruit juice machinery is rich in nutrient ingredients like vitamin, mineral substance, vegetalitas chemical substance and enzyme etc. But canning and bottled fruit juice has less nutrition, because in order to keep for a long time, the juice must go through high temperature sterilization, which lose the vitamin and enzyme. 

Drink the fruit juice as soon as possible

In order to keep the nutritional ingredient of the fresh fruit juice, please drink it as soon as possible. If there is a little left, you can put it into the refrigerator, but remember not to exceed 24 hours.

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