Comparison between drinking 100% fruit juice and eating a fruit



Recent years, with the development of science and technology, the life-style of people is corresponding changing. Due to the busy working, the pace of life for people becomes faster, especially for young people, they usually haven’t enough time to regulate the dietary, not along to eat fruits and drink fruit juice. Nearly most of them can’t reach the requirements of absorbing nutrition from fruits. But for fruit juice, it is much more convenient to drink, and fruit juice has the characteristics of delicious taste, low price and fashion etc., all of these for the young fashion people is good news, they can choose a new life-style, they think drinking fruit juice is much close to fashion than eating fruits directly. Under the circumstances, fruit juice becomes more and more popular among young people, the corresponding is fruit juice machinery also turns into commodity in great demand. AGICO is just such a manufacturer who can offer you single fruit juice machinery and fruit juice processing line with reliable quality and competitive price. 

Relationship between eating fruits and drinking fruit juice

fruit and fruit juice
Obviously, fruit juice can be squeezed from fruits, so for the crowd who have no enough time to eat fruits, drinking fruit juice is such a good way to add dietary nutrition deficiencies. What’s more, there are many nutrient elements both in fruits and fruit juice. During the storage of fruit juice, vitamins nutrition is the fastest loss because vitamin C likes the acid environment, and in the acid environment, it is the most stabilization, so the greater the juice acidity, the longer time the fruit juice can keep. Therefore, in our daily lift, if you haven’t enough time to eat fruits, you can drink some fruit juice like haw juice, orange juice, citrus juice, grape juice, kiwi fruit juice and watermelon juice and so on. Relatively speaking, the loss of vitamin C in the above juice is less.

Benefits of eating fruits

A commonplace, there are many benefits contained in the fruits, just as the old saying goes “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. There are vitamin, cellulose, pectin, mineral substance and polyphenolic plant nutrient etc. abundant science researches imply that eating fruits can reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and etc. and it’s great helpful for our health to eating fruits, just because of this, experts advice people to eat enough fruits everyday all over the world. 
eating fruits

Dispute on benefits of drinking fruit juice

Undeniable, the benefits of eating fruits is accepted by us, but there is great dispute on the benefits of drinking fruit juice. Among all the disputes, the biggest one is the relationship between fruit juice and obesity and diabetic. This is because during the process of squeezing fruit into juice, that no longer has great loss of dietary fiber which can offer satiety. That’s why we eat one or two fruits is enough, but when drinking fruit juice, even want to drink a pail of. In addition, fruit juice is always sweet, it contains much sugar, if we drink some cups of fruit juice except our common three meals, it is indeed for people to easily get fat or diabetes. 
In 2008, the research which scientists in Harvard university did to follow more than seventy thousand healthy nurses indicates that, under the same weight and same living habit, the risk of diabetic for people who drank three cups of apple juice rose by fifteen percent than the people who didn’t drink fruit juice. In addition, researchers also discovered that for the overweight people, who drink fruit juice the most can easily get the risk of diabetic by rising up to 33 percent than the people who hardly drink fruit juice. On that occasion, the research has caused many disputes and scare. While, after National Health Service(NHS) evaluated the research, they thought that the research still had some flaws, it is not only because of drinking fruit juice result in the disease, but also there are many other elements, so people wouldn’t worry about drinking fruit juice. On the contrary, there are also many researches indicate drinking fruit juice can’t increase the risk of getting fat or diabetic. For example, the research in 2010 found that the risk of fat was lower when people drink fruit juice regularly, especially for the teen-aged young people. In Japan, research for 20 thousand people and lengthen out to ten years indicated, drinking 100 percent fruit juice can’t increase the risk of diabetic. It happens that there is a similar case, in 2014, research analysis found that drinking fruit juice can’t rise blood glucose and insulin. The same year, scientists from China and America also analyze the relationship between drinking fruit juice and diabetic, the result also shows that people can relieved to drinking fruit juice. In a word, drinking fruit juice proper can’t increase the risk of fat and diabetic. 

Benefits of drinking fruit juice

fresh fruit juice
Although there is some nutrition loss during the process of squeezing, but undeniable is there are abundant vitamin, mineral substance and polyphenols plant nutrients, what’s more, fruit juice is much more convenient than eating fruits. From 2003 to 2006, the national health survey in America showed drinking fruit juice can get more vitamin A, C, folic acid and magnesium etc. 

The differences between drinking fruit juice and eating fruits

As stated, there are mainly the following differences between drinking fruit juice and eating fruits
  • Fruits contain less calories than fruit juice, for example, there are about 340 calories in a small glass of orange juice, but you would have to eat seven and a half oranges to get the same calories. 
  • Fruit juice even with pulp in it is lack of fiber while there is much more fiber in the fruits. This is because the ingredients in fruit juice undergo oxidation longer they stand around. 
  • Fruit juice is essentially sugar, acid and water, but without the dietary fiber. a cup of unsweetened apple juice, for instance, has 113 calories (24 g sugar and 0.5 g dietary fiber). while a medium apple has approximately 90 calories(19 g sugar and 4.4 g dietary fiber).
  • Eating fruits can easily feel full, while drinking fruit juice will take in more and more quality of heat and sugar. So everything is measured, one can’t drink fruit juice much more once. 
In a word, not only eating fruits but also drinking fruit juice are necessary, you can choose the most suitable way to get extra-nutrition. And you must clear to recognize that in the fast-changing society, fruit juice processing industry has been becoming more and more important, so if you have the demand for fruit juice processing machinery, AGICO warmly welcome you to contact us and give you the most professional machinery. 

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