Choose the best time and way to eat fruits

It is wheezy that fruits are nutritional, so as the improvement of living conditions and development of science, no matter in which season, there are kinds of fruits mature, hence, we can eat fruits any time, but how to eat fruits is good for our health and what’s the best time to eat fruits, I will give you some opinions, it’s just my own ideas, we can have a discuss if you are interested in this topic.

Eating about 200g fruits everyday

It is well known that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, actually, not only apple, but also any other fruits are of great advantages for our body. An expert Mr. Chen said, there are three treasures in the fruits, namely, vitamin, microelement(mineral substance) and cellulose, which can not only keep our healthy, but also can prevent some cancers and many diseases from our body. According to the research of Australia, eat citrus fruits such as orange, mandarin orange and lemon etc can reduce the cancer morbidity of mouth cavity, throat and stomach to 50 percent, simultaneously, eating citrus fruits have preventive effect in cardiovascular disease, fat and diabetes. In this case, more and more people want to process citrus fruits into juice, to meet the needs of fruits and many places are rich in citrus fruits, especially oranges, so our company supplies orange juice processing lines for you, if you have the needs, please contact us.

Eat fruits between meals

EATING fruits
Many times, we are confused that when to eat fruits is better? Before meal or after meal? In fact, fruit is kind of snack, so it’s better to eat between meals. But if you want to lose weight, you can eat fruit about 20-40mins in advance before meals, which can prevent from eating more. In general, the quality of heat for fruits is quite low, the abundant of fructose and glucose in fruits can be absorbed easily by our bodied, and the crude fibre makes our stomach satiety, which can reduce the food ration.

Eat fruits according to the season

different fruits and the seasons
As we all know, as the improvement of our technology, no matter which season we can eat delicious fruits, but you must pay attention to that some fruits may be matured by the chemical substances, which has some negative effects to our bodies especially the babies. So you’d better eat fruits according to the season, when the fruits matured, the flavor is the best, and different areas have different fruits, so if you have many fruits, and want to process them, our company can offer you the reasonable price and high quality fruit processing line.
In addition, when eat fruits, you must consider your health condition, for example, some diabetes mellitus patients have better not eat too many fruits, and fruits can’t take place of vegetables or meals.
Remarkable, apart from the fruits, fruit juice becoming more and more popular because of the nutrition, so the fruit juice processing line also becomes more and more urgent, especially for the areas where there are kinds of fruits, we specialize in manufacturing different fruits processing line and welcome to have contact with us.
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